Devenir mécène

Pourquoi devenir mécène de PaysSages

Be part of the PaysSages movement

Become part of an environmental movement which uses a landscape approach to community and culture, with young people at its heart.

Be associated with the message

A powerful and enduring message to which all parts of society and the cultural community can relate. Landscape is a universal experience and is uniquely placed to be at the heart of sustainability, community, culture and combating climate change.

Land – Public spaces – Parks and gardens

Workshops, seminars, conferences and research programs will set out to address and resolve issues of landscape and the environment raised by contributors (such as public works issues, and land transformation, sensitive areas, environmental perception, cultural and environmental relations, new environments and new practices, etc.).

An exceptional iconic communication space

An exceptional site in Nice forms the springboard to national and international action. The Abbaye de Roseland is a natural base, adapted to events of all kinds.

A centre for inspiration, thought and action

Set in an extraordinary garden with a view over the Mediterranean, the Abbey is a communication space unique in the world providing immense opportunities for the Foundation and companies.

Unique virtual panoramas

The Abbaye includes a unique 10 m diameter circular structure, integrated into the architecture which will become home to immersive 360° projections, allowing virtual walks in the gardens and landscapes of the world, and offering customizable experiences for designers, communities and sponsors.

Decision-makers and influencers

The Foundation aims to be the ultimate resource for decision-makers and influencers, a centre for targeted research, focusing on the needs of decision-makers and project leaders.

Tax deductible

Any contribution will be tax-free because of the Foundation’s public utility status – 60% tax exemption within the limit of 0.5% of turnover.